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Inspiration Dump #2 - Black (reblog from 4/11/14)

In my own work, I stay away from strong black inks. It's just not my style but the thing is I love comics and other visuals that use black as a dominate color. The emotion that black can create on it's own as well as when paired up with a strong contrasting color is something that is worth exploring. It's also kind of cool because when drawing with black markers the fumes get you a little high #420 #boutthatlife (is that how hashtags work?).

This intro is one of my favorites of all time and I personally think it's better than any of the legendary  Bond ones. The barrage of visuals it throws at you is so intense and then when the fire hits and adds the contrast of color, it's so damn badass. The movie is pretty good too, in a gut-wrenching way.

This, like the video before, is another barrage of visuals. At first it seems like the director just took a bunch of things and said "that looks kewl!, let's add it!" but the video jams a lot of symbolism in it. It has to do with the myths of the Free Masons, a group Jay-Z is believed to be involved with. Plus the song is dope. Easily one of my top 3 Jay-Z songs.

I fucking love Fables. Everything about it is awesome and when they announced this game, I was pumped. I had to ban myself from video games a while ago because of my sad addiction (Battlefield)  but I almost broke that ban to play this thing. Instead I watched Let's Plays on the Youtube while acting like I was drawing. The visuals and color palette are amazing, especially in this intro. I think TellTale did something special as well a ballsy with the visuals of this game and it really pays off.

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