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Inspiration Dump #1 - The Feels are Reals (reblog from 4/8/14)

I have a tendency to overload my brain with so much stuff that I often forget things that I try really hard not to. So I figured why not just post it here. This blog is basically just my super special diary, so why not. 

I got a weakness for dogs. The unconditional love thing, I'm a sucker for it. This short film embodies the whole "dog is man's best friend" thing in a damn near perfect way. There is a little more dong hanging in this then I expected but maybe there just isn't enough dong in today's animation.

This might be the most depressing song of all time and the video only makes things worse. The thing is, even though this video makes me feel like shit and puppets creep me out. I think this might be one of the most beautiful stories to be told in 5 minutes.


Just to clear out any depression left by the last video, here's a new show I'm looking forward to. I know I'm to old to watch this shit but I don't care. 

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